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Find out how how well you recognize logical fallacies when you see them!

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Bad reasoning is everywhere

If it seems to you like the world has lost its mind, you're not alone.

Logical fallacies, cognitive biases and propaganda are hiding in plain sight all around us.

And if you're wondering what on earth those words mean, don't feel bad...just a few years ago, I didn't know what they meant either!

Don't worry, I got you. Let's start by defining our terms:


Logical Fallacy

A logical fallacy is simply an error in's when someone makes a mistake in their thinking.

Once you learn the names of these fallacies and what they are, you'll start to see them EVERYWHERE!


Cognitive Bias

When a person has a cognitive bias, they have a limitation in their ability to think logically.

We all have them, actually, because we view the world through the lens of our own personal experiences and we are often surprised when other people don't view the world the same way we do.


Propaganda are tactics that cause you to be mentally & emotionally manipulated.

Propaganda is often used by advertisers to try to get you to do or buy something, and it’s also often used by groups with a political, religious or monetary agenda to get you to join their ‘movement’.

What you'll learn in Season 1:

How to spot bad thinking & illogical arguments

Each short, fun episode will highlight a different fallacy or type of propaganda.

I'll also give examples of each one so you can easily identify them when you hear them.


Coming in Season 2:

Why you see the world the way you do

Discover your own (and others'!) cognitive biases.

Coming in Season 3:

How to develop good thinking skills & discernment

You CAN strengthen your mental muscles.

I'll show you how.

What People Are Saying:

"I seriously can't believe how many fallacies adults commit on a daily basis...

My mom thinks it's fun to show me memes & make me guess the fallacy...I get them right every time." 

Lena G.

10th grader, Kathy's daughter & the first person she taught this stuff to

"My daughter takes great joy in pointing out all the times I commit a fallacy in my thinking.

I can't wait for you to listen to my wife's podcast!" 

Noble G.

Kathy's husband, Lena's Dad, former Army guy

"Thank you for creating this podcast. It's light and uplifting, yet so helpful in understanding how to think critically, and why no one seems to be able to anymore.

I'm highly enjoying this!!" 

Audry Cece

Podcast Review

"Love the quick lessons and examples that I can immediately start thinking about.

I often catch myself identifying those fallacies throughout my day." 


Podcast Review

"I love this podcast for our family!

Every episode is enough information to start a conversation and challenge our way of thinking with our children...

I also love the review for reinforcement and to check how much we retained.

This podcast is a must and totally family-friendly!" 

Rowena D.

Podcast Review

"Thank you for teaching a skill that is in critical low supply in the culture today. My 12 year old even enjoyed listening with me.

You discuss reasoning skills in such a fun and interesting way, making them relevant to the things we see in the new or on social media. Bravo!" 


Podcast Review

Meet your host:

"Hi, I'm Kathy and I'm so excited to be sharing this topic with you!

I first learned about fallacies & thinking errors two years ago, when my daughter was reading a book about them for school.

We had so much fun learning them & spotting them everywhere.

But as I became more aware of them, I realized how few people know this information...and it's actually hurting them and their ability to recognize good & bad thinking.

So, I created the Filter It Through a Brain Cell podcast so YOU can learn this skill and never get fooled by foolishness again!"


Kathy is a homeschool mom, business owner, Bible study creator and podcaster.

She and her family live in Colorado, where they love to hike, explore, and snowboard/snow-bike.Ā Kathy loves that sheĀ gets to see the mountains everyday when she walks theirĀ silllyĀ Goldendoodle, Ted.