Help your teen develop solid critical thinking skills and life-long media discernment!

Bad reasoning is everywhere!

 The crazier our culture seems to get, the more important it is for your teen to: 

  • learn & use the skills of critical thinking
  • practice what they're learning in the Filter It Through a Brain Cell podcast
  • develop media discernment
  • learn how to ask the right questions¬†to discover the truth
  • decipher the truth in the crazy messages they're hearing everyday
  • not be manipulated¬†by¬†relativity or emotional appeals


The Crazy Thinkers Membership will help you do this in a simple, fun way!

Sounds cool, but how does Crazy Thinkers help my teen become a better thinker?


Since you're here, chances are you're already listen to the Filter It Through a Brain Cell podcast with your teen and you realize how critical it is to be able to think well!

But you may have noticed that it's easy to forget the fallacies when faced with bad thinking in real life.

The answer is simple: your teen (and you!) just need a few tools and some more practice.

And I believe it's even easier to practice when it's fun and the content is provided for you.

The Crazy Thinkers Membership is designed to give you & your teen a simple, yet powerful thinking tools and a fun way to practice recognizing bad thinking every month using real-life content.

What's included in the Crazy Thinkers 'Thinkership'?

There are 2 main components to this program that help you & your teen develop excellent critical thinking skills: 

1. Brain Cell University

Brain Cell University is a 10-week digital course that teaches the SKILLS of good thinking. It includes:

  • 10 weekly videos, each focusing on a new thinking skill
  • Fun weekly quizzes¬†to help review key concepts
  • An easy¬†method¬†for mastering the top 30 fallacies that they've heard on the podcast
  • The Truth Project: a final project where your¬†teen will put into practice all the skills they've learned
  • And just to keep it fun, they'll¬†earn¬†new badges as they complete each weekly lesson!

2. Brain Gym monthly pdf

Each month, you'll get a curated, downloadable pdf of content to practice good thinking with your teen simply & easily.

  • Real-life cartoons, headlines, memes, social media posts, or articles.¬†
  • A set of good questions to go along with each item to help you & your teen go through a good thinking process.
  • I give you the answer for each fallacy so you don't have to wonder if you got it right!

"Thinking is some of the hardest work you'll do...

which is why so few people do it."

Hi! I'm Kathy Gibbens, host of the Filter It Through a Brain Cell podcast.

Y'all, we've got some work to do in our culture today.

There is no shortage of bad thinking, emotionalism, faulty arguments, attacks on truth, relativism and just flat-out lies being pedaled as truth.

If we're going to have a fighting chance at restoring TRUTH, we have to learn the skills of good thinking that most of us never learned in school & we have to teach them to our kids.

I know that you care about the world your kids are growing up in as much as I do and it weighs heavy on my heart how to prepare them to live WELL in the time God has put them on earth.

Critical thinking is a simple, yet powerful foundational skill that will help them in every area of their lives, from defending their faith to  developing media discernment, and preparing to give an answer about why they believe what they believe.

If you've enjoyed the Filter It Through a Brain Cell podcast and are ready to go a step further and really practice the skills of good thinking in a simple, fun way...Crazy Thinkers is for you.

Here's to some Crazy GOOD Thinking!


Remind me again of what all I get in Crazy Thinkers?


My goal is to give you great content to engage with, while keeping it super simple!



Immediate access to Brain Cell University:

>>  A 10-week online course to learn the skills of good thinking.

Each week, a new Module opens with a 15-20 minute video that teaches a different critical thinking skill. Each lesson includes printables to help you review the skills over the course of the week.

>> Weekly assessments to help review key concepts.

At the end of each week, your student will be able to take a fun assessment quiz to help review & solidify the key points that they've learned in the course. And yes, it's automatically graded, making it super simple for both of you!

>> A simple method to review & master the Top 30 Fallacies that you learned about in the podcast.

I've created a list of the Top 30 Fallacies that I believe are the most useful to know. Each week, you'll focus on 3 of them, learning the definitions and practicing recognizing them. It's a simple way to really master what you've just heard about in the podcast!

>> The Truth Project

The Truth Project is a final project that your student will complete at the end of the 10 weeks. This is a great way for your student¬†to put everything they've learned in Brain Cell U into practice. (Plus, there's even some cool swag that I'll send in the mail when they finish it! ūüėĄ)


Each month, you'll get a new Brain Gym pdf:

>>  A downloadable pdf with an assortment of memes, headlines, ads and articles along with good questions to help you & your teen practice thinking well about it.

Plus, I always give a list of additional questions if you want to dig deeper. This is a key component to this program because I believe good thinking skills have to be practiced on a regular basis so they become second nature. And I want you to be the one talking through this content with your teen! It's not if they're going to run into bad thinking out in the world, it's just a matter of when and how much. So let's prepare them now to be able to think WELL!



>> You'll get my Logical Fallacies E-Book for free! This E-book goes along with the Filter It Through a Brain Cell podcast and covers all the logical fallacies I teach there. It gives the definition, an example and the question to ask for each fallacy, plus a link to the episode if you want to review it! Plus, you'll get any additional updates in the future for free.


Join Crazy Thinkers now:

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  • Brain Cell University 10-week online course
  • Monthly Brain Gym pdf with real-life content + good questions for discussion (for as long as you're a member)
  • BONUS:¬†The Logical Fallacies E-book for FREE!
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  • Brain Cell University¬†10-week online course
  • Monthly Brain Gym pdf¬†with real-life content + good questions for discussion
  • BONUS:¬†The Logical Fallacies E-book for FREE!
  • Get 2 months FREE!
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What current members are saying: 

    "Thanks for your endeavor to help us all think more critically.

    I not only use this (Crazy Thinkers) for our homeschool students, but it has proven invaluable for my own work situation.  Leading in a time of polarization has been brutal and exhausting.

    Thanks to your podcast, I have been able to approach my role with much clearer thinking and defined terminology, while also parsing out emotionalism versus values from my own convictions.

    I have been able to call out generalizations and fallacies from others, while striving to lead conversations seasoned with grace.

    I've also learned new fallacies and have begun recognizing my own. My children are pretty good at helping me with that last part, now that they're listening to your podcast.

    Thank you again for this critical skill in this critical time. May God continue to bless your work, and many others through it."

Regina H.

    "Your monthly content has been a family favorite! I joined because my oldest daughter and I REALLY enjoyed reading The Fallacy Detective, and my oldest son has now started to read it because he's enjoying the "puzzle" of your memes.

    The four of us talk about your memes together.I start with your questions and it inevitably leads to different questions and discussion. 
    I love that we are talking about heavy matters in a very light and fun way. We are all building our thinking skills together and I'm thankful to have your content to help me have these discussions with my kids. 
    Thank you for the fun! You've helped this mama immensely."

Jessie K.

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